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Saturday 19th of August 2017 featured item, Microtel Computer AM8027 Liquid
08/19/2017 - Visit, Microtel Computer AM8027 Liquid

Showcase item of the day Xps X8700-1877BLK Desktop
08/18/2017 - Information - Xps X8700-1877BLK Desktop

Featured product of the day; Xps 8700 Desktop
08/18/2017 - View - Xps 8700 Desktop

Editors choice item of the day, the Custom Pc Conex GAMER235
08/18/2017 - Featured item of the day, Custom Pc Conex GAMER235, Amd Fx 8350 4GHZ 8 Core Cpu, 8GB DDR3 1833MHZ Ram, N Vidia GTX660TI 2GB Vram, 120GB Kingston Hyper X + 2 Tb Wd Black RAID0 7200RPM Hdd, Corsair 750W Power Supply. Windows 7 64 Bit

Special product of the day Wicked Speed Illusion Workstation 6 Core
08/17/2017 - Info Wicked Speed Illusion Workstation 6 Core

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